Monday, 15 September 2008

"I Wish you were here... diagonal sleet sweeps across the landscape". I headed to Hastings for the 'Wish you were here' Costal Currents weekend at Crabbe Palace by the sea. A delicious exhibition of seven artists work responding to the theme of awayness.  We threw a lively opening with gin & tonics, cream cakes, a tombola, a video projection  onto a pub wall, books in suitcases galore, a bibliotherapist and a splendid official opening speech by Iain Sinclair. The show was open over two weekends as part of the Hastings open studio event, 'Costal Currents'. The beautiful Ms L. Crabbe was our curator and hostess for the event which drew a spirited local crowd as well as a dedicated audience from further afield. I left an honesty box for visitors to deposit one British pound in exchange for one 'I wish you were here...' letterpress printed postcard. Twenty sentiments adorned 600 postcards creating a narrative when read in sequence, or hinted sentiments when read individually. I wish you here...' to soothe a primal fear'...'brimful of tingling firecracker thoughts'...'pacing around me like a wary wild thing'...'to provide a brow stroke, a hand squeeze, a sign.' 

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