Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Dinners

Twelve days of Christmas have brought me Figgy Pudding, Hazelnut-topped-chocolate-dipped-shortbread, Lemon curd cake, Mint crisp wafers, Banana bread, Pecan brownies, Aphrodisiac-passion-fruit moose, Love-baked-biscuits. Dragging home an ugly tree, dressing it with crows and golden bells, dancing the kitchen Charltston in denial of gift shopping duties.

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James said...

Dear Lucy May Schofield

I have a sweet tooth & this list of festive fare is a huge distraction from my overwhelming need to pedal onwards, come what may.

And yet the very thought of these delicious things creates motivation.

There are crows here, too, and in years gone by, dancing, although in times of uncertainty, gift shopping remains popular.

This season's preferred choice - at least for boys - is the Pop Gun.

Yours aye

Dummy Jim