Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Consoled by Arther Schopenhauer's daily routine, I begin to find a rhythm. His three hours of morning writing before an hour of playing the flute, then lunch, inspires a more productive use of the early light. The scroll document takes shape and I celebrate with a perfectly soft boiled egg & soldiers. I don't share his penchant for poodles, but can see the benefits of a close companion. 


LAM said...

Dear Lucy,

This picture is a great one. I hope you are feeling the wonder, romance and inspiration that this picture does so instill.

I am actually writing something- something that I hope can be sent to you soon. Though it isn't a paper-based letter, or a drawing. In fact it isn't textual. It is in part concerning Shetland, and a kind of quiet, temporary existence in such a place.

Best Wishes to you,

Lee x

Lucy May said...

Oh Lee, I will await the cold handed postman's delivery of the promised mystery.
I truly am feeling the wonder, romance and hope of Shetland. Thank you x