Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tea for two and two for tea

A ginger rogers cake and a five dollar shake, A blustery bicycle ride in shetland knits, new old green heels and a rabbit fur coat wearing evening of Swing baptise me back to the city. I count glue brushes, line up rulers, sharpen pencils, shake down my apron and breathe deep for the workshopping month ahead.


Caroline Johnson said...

Hello Lucy,
Many thanks again for the Course at Hot Bed Press this last weekend. My book is one of the best things I have ever made. My husband didn't believe it wasn't a book I had bought from an art shop, until he saw the end papers. He recognised them from a course he and I attended several years ago ( he thinks it was nearer 10 than 5) I have already started a smaller one as a present for my son with some prints and poetry in it. He suffers from depression and this is a present to let him know we care.
Many thanks again,

Caroline Johnson

Lucy May said...

You're most welcome Caroline, it's always a pleasure to teach those like you with such enthusiasm and skill. I'm pleased you enjoyed it.