Saturday, 25 April 2009

Days are blurred

Voices through the walls joyously celebrating. An inconsequence, an invisibility painfully visible in the slate grey aura surrounding a muddled head. The good ship endurance is inspiration enough. Windswept and numbfaced I cling on, just. Footsteps of trepidation in a sea of uncertainty. Look west towards the east and set sail once more. Leave all those with regrets far behind, missing you/missing the point.  This is the get out of city free card, awarded to those who posses least fears.  Everything is just a decision away.


MM said...

Wow - Thats one strong photo Lucy - that top self portrait - do more of those - easier said than done mind - not easy to capture that

Lucy May said...

I'm afraid that's the one photo I can't take credit for. It was taken on my birthday by Sylvia on her box brownie. It is super.