Tuesday, 24 January 2012

His hope floats me home

Some things shake you, tip you up by the toes and arrest you in your tracks. New additions to your world can do that, be it in miniature form or long limbed tallness. I had two days to rest and think, gaze at that sea and watch the earth's rotation, sunrise to sunset. Virus ridden, head woozy, legs frozen still, inactive. Yet the sound of the waves soothed and lulled as the mind sailed in and out of glorious sleep rich dreams, sun shine through sea clouds and shut tight eyelids, mildly aware of the passing days. Those wings are beginning to grow back, gliding me to a carved out cave made of his hope.

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nette said...

Love to meet up to talk about your books and bibliotherapy and the link between - from Oz - going to be in London, Edinburgh in October and trying to establish booktherapy in my little beach part of the world. Published author - very booked!

Love Nette Hilton (nettehilton.com.au